Test strips, water hardness, AQUADUR®

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Test strips, water hardness, AQUADUR®
Environmental Test Kits
AQUADUR® test strips are for the quick and easy determination of water hardness. The convenient dip and read procedure and the clear colour changes ensure reliable results within seconds.

  • No accessories needed, always ready to use
  • Quick and easy determination of the water hardness
  • Easy read-off due to brilliant colour scale

The water hardness depends mainly on the amount of Calcium and Magnesium salts within the water. The total sum of these salts determines the actual water hardness. The water hardness is expressed in ppm (mg/L) CaCO₃. AQUADUR® water hardness test strips are the ideal choice to quickly, easily and reliably determine water hardness.

AQUADUR® water hardness test strips come in a wide variety of different gradations and packaging options for individual needs. Single sealed test strips are for example available to inform customers about the necessity of water softeners.
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