Labels, hazardous substance, GHS labels

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
116-0280EA 27.1 GBP
116-0280 116-0282 116-0281 116-0284 116-0283 116-0286 116-0285 116-0287 116-0279
Labels, hazardous substance, GHS labels
These labels, made of PE film and with the GHS symbols, meet with GHS (Global Harmonised System) regulations for chemical substances and mixtures. These GHS symbols replaced traditional orange symbols (HSID) in 2015, when the pictogram on an orange square and R and S phrases disappeared. They are based on the physical, health and environmental risks posed by the substance.

  • Diamond shape
  • Black print on white background in red frame
  • Roll contains 500 labels in a dispensing box
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