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Hits - For your Laboratory

Issue 2 - May 2017


VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

Equip Your Laboratory!

Issue - 05 - February 2017

Hot selection of lab equipment for every segment !

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

VWR® anhydrous solvents

A specific range adapted for organic synthesis applications

VALID UNTIL 31/07/2017

Make your lab a safer place

Special prices!

Solvents, acids and bases in 2,5 l HDPE bottles

VALID UNTIL 30/09/2017

PhoneSoap for cleaning your Smart Phone or tablets

Clean and charge your device at the same time!

VALID UNTIL 31/07/2017

MANUDISH Original - ecological hand dishwashing liquid

Protect the planet and your budget with this exceptional offer

VALID UNTIL 31/07/2017

Bel-Art Lab Companion™ vacuum desiccators

Outstanding vacuum sustainment in a space-maximising cube

VALID UNTIL 31/07/2017

Bel-Art Switch-Grid test tube racks

One rack with 25 possible tube size combinations

VALID UNTIL 31/07/2017

Bürkle funnel stands


Sturdy, stable, resistant to chemicals and shatter-proof with easy height adjustment

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

New Thermo Scientific™ MyPipette™ App and E1-ClipTip™ Bluetooth® pipettes

Revolutionise the way you pipette with this NEW web-based App

Introducing a new pipette App

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

Kartell short form measuring jugs in PP

Autoclavable and highly transparent

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

Miele Glass Washer Trade in Offer

Trade in or upgrade your existing glass washer to a Miele glass washer and receive 50% off a lower injection basket*

VWR - AYN advert

"All You Need" guides available for Dairy Industry, Environmental Analysis, Genomics and Biobanking

EMSURE® inorganic salts

Special prices!

Reduced clumping due to new process

VALID UNTIL 31/07/2017

SI Analytics® bench pH/mV/ISE Lab 845 SET

A meter with unique price performance ratio

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

OHAUS® MB90 and MB120 professional moisture analysers

Professional moisture analysers for advanced moisture analysis

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

Testo thermal imaging cameras

The smart, professional way of measuring temperatures

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

Kautex HDPE jerricans with UN approval

Ideal for food or for chemicals

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

Kautex HDPE wide neck bottles with UN approval

UN approval for hazardous products (solids)

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

Kautex HDPE narrow neck bottles with UN approval - GL 45

UN approval for hazardous products from 500 to 2500 ml

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

Chemical protective garments: Factors to consider to make the right choice!

Free sample offer - Flowmi™ cell strainers for 1000 µl pipette tips

Try before you buy!

Decrease the potential for FLOW and FACS clogs

VALID UNTIL 31/07/2017

VWR® tablet camera TC20 plus

Wireless connection between camera and tablet

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

VWRbioMarke Shop

Issue 36 - March 2017

Over 25 essentials offers for life scientists covering cell biology, genomics, proteomics applications

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

Sample preparation - a critical step to get a good yield

Watch our video!

Optimize DNA, RNA, proteins and drugs extraction using the Precellys® Homogenizers

Excellent result by using Omega Bio-tek’s E.Z.N.A.® HP Total RNA Kit

Try it out yourself. Order a free sample !

A Performance Comparison Study: Omega Bio-tek’s E.Z.N.A.® HP Total RNA Kit vs. Qiagen’s RNeasy® Plus Mini Kit

AcroPrep™ Advance 96-well filter plates for DNA purification

Try a sample!

Maximum yields of high quality DNA

When using CRISPR/Cas9 system, transfection is a key to ensure a successful genome editing.

Request your FREE sample!

Polyplus-transfection jetPRIME® reagent is especially well-suited for this application

Nucleic acid decontamination with DNA-ExitusPlus™ Technology

Prevent false results in your PCR!

DNA-ExitusPlus™ is a safe nucleic acid decontamination solution for molecular

Innovative PCR cyclers in all formats

Great value offer!

VWR thermal cyclers are the ideal PCR devices for all molecular biological and biochemical laboratories working in the field of basic research or routine diagnostic.

Taq DNA polymerase

Request your FREE Sample!

More thermo-stable than most people think

10 Tips for optimal siRNA transfection

Transfecting siRNA with a high efficiency won't be a challenge anymore

Comparison of two colorimetric assays in the detection of cytotoxicity in fibroblasts initiated by apoptotic inducers

G-Biosciences offers several colorimetric cell-based proliferation and toxicity assays that have been optimised for microplates.

Nanosep Centrifugal Devices

Order your free sample pack now!

Ideal for numerous applications including the concentration, purification, and desalting of oligonucleotides, DNA, RNA and proteins

Precision liquid handling and personalised medicine

Come take a look inside the Biotix Robotics Laboratory and see how we ensure the best for you!

HACH® AT1000 automatic titrator series

Automatic titration without complications

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

Karl Fischer reagents for water determination

For the analytical chemist who needs accurate water content every time

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

Densito 30PX portable density meter

Accurate and precise handheld digital density measurement on-site or in the field

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

Pocket Pro+ series testers for pH, conductivity/TDS/salinity and temperature

Starter package with calibration solutions - ready to use

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

New Schiff‘s reagent Intense

Extra strong coloured PAS reaction

VALID UNTIL 30/09/2017

Determination of catecholamines in urine samples

Chromaster HPLC system with fluorescence detector

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

VWR® cytological endo- and exo-cervical brushes, Q Path® NovaBrush®

Convenient brushes for cytological samples

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

VWR® formalin neutraliser pads, Q Path® Safety Pad

Effective way to guard against formaldehyde vapours

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

VWR® biopsy pads, Q Path®

Verified for consistency to achieve optimum solvent flow

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

VWR® embedding cassettes, Q Path®

The best cassettes for microbiopsies

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

VWR® Traceable® Excursion-Trac™ data logging refrigerator/freezer thermometers

Special prices!

With user-defined time intervals - put the pen down…go digital!

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

Acrodisc® Mass Spec certified syringe filters

Request your free sample now!

Minimise interference with the first LC-MS-certified filter with extremely low levels of extractables.

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

Thermo Scientific Medifuge™

For routine clinical applications

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

VWR® Traceable High-Accuracy triple display thermometers

Monitor 2 different areas of any refrigerator/freezer

VALID UNTIL 30/09/2017

Convert your glass slides into digital data

Ultra-efficient, compact scanning device for professionals, labs and teaching purposes

VALID UNTIL 30/09/2017

VWR® VisiScope® IT405-FLD inverted fluo microscope

5 year warranty

VALID UNTIL 30/09/2017

New VWR range of industrial wipes


For general purpose and heavy duty applications

VALID UNTIL 31/07/2017

VWR® CHF5CB coveralls

Don´t compromise on comfort or safety

Microgard® protective clothing - featuring 2000Ts Plus

Product of choice for pharmaceutical workers around the world!

MICROGARD® 2000 Ts Plus is designed to allow water vapour (perspiration) to escape from the suit yet will withstand saturation of liquid chemicals and filter 100% of particulates down to 0,01 microns in size*. (*EMSL test method).

SecureFit™ 600 protective eyewear for better vision and comfort


Get comfortable with changes!

KIMTECH SCIENCE* Sterling* and STERLING* Nitrile-XTRA Gloves

Get your FREE gift!*

Perfect combination of protection, comfort and tactile sensitivity.

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

Microflex® 93-260 nitrile and neoprene double-coated disposable gloves

Thinnest chemical resistant synthetic composite disposable glove

Absorbents (mats, rolls and SOC's) for cleaning up oil, water and chemical-based spills.


VWR absorbents and spill containment products help you keep your employees and work environment safe from unexpected spills, leaks, drips or other accidents.

Halo and Halo Sense

Exclusive safety tools!

Lab air purifier and lab air quality sensor

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

Asecos® HazMat Guide for flammables: 2nd edition now available

Request your free copy today!

Expert knowledge on the safe storage of hazardous materials.

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

AlphaTec® Isolator Box Gloves from Ansell made with revolutionary EPDM material

Increase protection and reduce glove replacements with AlphaTec­® EPDM and EPDM+ Isolator Box Gloves, especially designed for Life Sciences applications

Stainless steel furniture for cleanrooms

Now available on web!

Discover this new broad range of cleanroom furniture

Consumable products for endotoxin control

VWR solutions to reduce bioburden and control endotoxin levels in your manufacturing process

Non sterile cleanroom disposable overalls A6/A8


Completing the well established A5 sterile cleanroom disposable overall range.

Tyvek® IsoClean® IC 183 - DS unhooded disposable overalls


Suitable for GMP Class A/B (ISO Class 5) cleanrooms

VWR Collection cleanroom nitrile gloves


Switch cleanroom gloves from latex to nitrile with the brand new VWR Collection nitrile alternative.

Isolator cleaning tool: Mop hardware, replacement head and handle


Specially engineered to work with isolators and other small, hard to reach areas

Cleanroom mop covers: Single- or multi-use concept?

Whether it is advantageous for the user to work with a single- or with a multi-use concept, (in other words to work with reconditioned mop covers) depends on the following criteria.

NeutraKlean - new sterile ready to use detergent from Contec

Keep your mind at ease and your A & B cleanrooms clean with this new sterile detergent

Disposable PPE garments for use in your cleanroom - sterile and non sterile

Available as individual coveralls or kits (sterile)

Protecting the operator as well as product and process in your cleanroom.

VWR Collection disposable garments: High quality performance products that offer superb value for money

Detailed technical data sheets available!

Quality and savings go hand in hand!

InVue™ CR288 concentration monitor - process monitoring for in-line liquid chemical applications

InVue™ CR288 concentration monitor offers real time information for point-of-use chemical/mixing blending, spiking and dilution without process intrusion or interruption.

Sterile IPASEPT® Premium

High quality IPA!

Produced in our own cleanrooms!

Microbiological monitoring in cleanrooms

For your practice!

How to select air samplers most appropriate to the application in question and how to use air samplers in practice

New ACE® LC translator tool

Making LC method transfer and translation simple!

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

Low dispersion kits for VWR-Hitachi Chromaster UV and DAD HPLC systems

Use with columns less than 3 µm particle size

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

VWR® ELSD Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors

New brochure available!

Excellent addition to your method development

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

Chromolith® HighResolution RP-18 endcapped

Chromolith® 4,6 mm i.d. RP-18 endcapped columns: The faster way to trouble-free separations.

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

TLC-MS coupling techniques

Exceptional sensitivity with extremely low background signal

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

Pall Laboratory SolVac® filter holder

Simplify your mobile phase filtration

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

High performance laboratory reagents for pesticide testing in water samples

Multi-residue analysis with very low detection and quantification limits

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

Analysis of mAb aggregates using a novel SEC phase

Download the application note!

Superior resolving power of the TSKgel UltraSW Aggregate column for the analysis of monoclonal antibody and metalloprotein aggregates.

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

New light-scattering optimised, aqueous SEC

New column gel technology!

Shodex OHpak LB-800 series

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

Safety funnels with level control


World’s first funnel with level control for disposing HPLC liquid solvent waste safely and easily.

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

Vial storage boxes

Organise your workspace, optimise your storage capabilities and avoid contamination.

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

Choose the new quality in additives for LC-MS eluents


Choose the new quality in additives for LC-MS eluents

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

Grace HPLC column brands acquired by Hichrom

Original Grace LC columns still available!

Hichrom Limited have acquired the worldwide exclusive rights to manufacture key analytical HPLC column ranges from Grace!

New VWR® Ultra LC-MS solvents

2 new methanol and acetonitrile LC-MS grades

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

Quintix® - the benchmark standard balance for your laboratory

Limited time special offer!

Effective features make your work flows easier

VALID UNTIL 30/09/2017

Thermo Scientific Heratherm™ ovens

Large capacity ovens for high sample volumes

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017

VisiScope® SZT350-6 trinocular zoom stereo microscope

Complete with 2 integrated LED illumination arms and LED transmitted lights

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

Volumetric Karl Fischer titrator KF1000

Requires only small sample quantities to deliver accurate and precise results for water content applications

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

VisiLight® cold light source sets

Ready to use, powerful LED cold light sources

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

VisiScope® 384 series binocular and trinocular microscopes

Your dedicated routine microscope with 5 year warranty

VALID UNTIL 30/06/2017

HACH® bench digital HQD meters and IntelliCAL™ probes

Have confidence in your results

VALID UNTIL 31/07/2017

Ebro thermal imaging cameras - we open up new vistas

Defects are visible and accessible

VALID UNTIL 31/07/2017

Analytical balances with graphic display

High capacity with high performance

VALID UNTIL 31/08/2017