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  • Reduce failure risk due to faulty plasmids

    Get comprehensive information to verify complete constructs and ensure robust quality control using MinION™ devices from Oxford Nanopore Technologies:

    • Easy implementation — small footprint and intuitive software
    • Fast, same-day results — real-time data
    • End-to-end plasmid workflows
    • Cost-effective — up to 96 samples per run
  • Introducing the new EQUIP Magazine

    Find all the the incredible offers on lab equipment and instruments in one place!


  • Explore All Our J.T.Baker Robotic Consumables

    Discover how our high-quality J.T.Baker products for robotic sampling systems can help improve your analytical and diagnostic operations

  • FOCUS: Food & Beverage Magazine – Out Now!

    Informative articles, technical advice and the latest product updates, as well as techniques and equipment for testing or analysis.

  • IKA's Bestseller- RELOADED!

    Every lab needs one: the RCT basic magnetic stirrer provides reliability, an exceptionally long product lifetime and the highest safety standards. Watch the video to find out MORE and buy yours at vwr.com TODAY!

  • Avantor Services - The Support You Need To Optimize Operations

    As the world demands solutions for increasingly complex medical conditions and diseases, scientific organizations face greater pressure...

  • Avantor for Advanced Battery Science and Technology

    Innovation in battery technology is becoming vital to facilitate the energy transition. Avantor is now supporting customers active in Research & Development, production and recycling of advanced batteries.
    Avantor is setting battery science in motion to create a better world.

  • FOCUS: LIFE SCIENCE magazine - new 2023 edition

    New magazine includes technical and scientific articles that offer valuable insight and innovative solutions to tackle challenges in Cell Biology and Genomics workflows

New products

  • New Biogel® Tech indication system – detection is the best prevention

    Gloves designed to be worn together to form an indication system. Uniquely engineered to maximise speed and visibility of any over glove breach.

  • Introducing the new DispenCell™ Single-Cell Dispenser

    The DispenCell Single-Cell Dispenser is an automated laboratory instrument designed for fast, easy and gentle single-cell isolation. DispenCell integrates seamlessly into your laboratory workflow, with a plug-and-play approach.

  • VWR® Automated Cell Counters - New!

    Save time and reduce variability with VWR® automated cell counter and VWR® automated cell counter Fluo. Intelligent image recognition and advanced optical imaging technology to achieve accurate and automatic cell analysis, cell concentration and cell size determination.

  • New! J.T.Baker® HT 2 Robotic Tips

    J.T.Baker® robotic tips type HT 2 are suitable for third party robotic instruments Hamilton Microlab Star, Nimbus, and other robotic instruments using such as Hamilton’s CO-RE or CO-RE II pipetting head, available in conductive version with or without filter. Learn more ...

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