For the sample preparation of your XRF analysis, you can use borates for fusion, additives for fusion and pre-weighted tablets for grinding and tabletting. The key is to create homogeneous samples and to avoid contmintion with trace impurities of your sample. Merck's Spectromelt® products can help you achieve that.

Product Categories

Additives for fusion

Non-wetting additives like lithium bromide and potassium iodide, for example, act as releasing agents that help to prevent the borate glasses from sticking to the platinum ware.

Reagents for fusion

Spectromelt® fluxes for fusion sample preparation. Merck offers both lithium borates, Spectromelt® A as well as sodium borates, Spectromelt® B10.

Reagents for grinding and tabletting

The Spectromelt® C-series is especially developed as a grinding and tabletting aid. In automated sample preparation of powder samples speed of analysis is an important factor.