VWR offers a wide range of filtration products for most application areas.

VWR is working with Pall Life Sciences as its preferred supplier for filtration. You can also find a wide range of high quality filtration products in the VWR Collection range at attractive prices. We also provide products from other leading brands such as GE Whatman and Sartorius to fulfill all your needs.

For other filtration products such as membrane filters, syringe filters, filtration devices, bottle-top filter units, spin filters, ultra filtration, vent filters, etc - please also look under Microbiology, Environmental Analysis, Chromatography and Life Science or use the search engine.

Product selection

Paper Filters

VWR offers an extensive line of filter papers...

Glass Fibre Filters

Glass fibre filters feature fast flow rates, high-loading capacity, wide thermal tolerance, and excellent precipitate retention...