Merck Water, Environmental and Food & Beverage Fast Analysis

Merck has over 100 years of experience in the field of analytics. All test kits, test strips and photometric systems are designed for optimal precision, speed and easy handling in food and beverage testing. 

The Supelco® portfolio of analytical solutions of Merck is developed by analytical chemists for analytical chemists to ensure your results are accurate, precise and reproducible. Every product is meticulously quality‑controlled to maintain the integrity of your testing protocols and, with our dedicated scientists, the expertise you need is always on hand.


The visual and instrumental test kits offer numerous options for determining individual parameter concentrations.
Find the most suitable test for your application:

  • Select your preferred test parameter
  • Find your desired measuring range, then choose the most appropriate products for your workflow or sample type
  • Use the catalog numbers to purchase products directly 
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Product Selection

Merck Spectroquant®Prove - Simplify water analysis with a new class of spectrophotometers

The perfect tool for water analysis, combining the simplicity you want, the security you need, and the durability you expect into the Spectroquant® Prove spectrophotometers. It also offers intuitive controls and is pre-programmed for over 200 Spectroquant® test kits and methods to make analysis smoother than ever.

  • Spectroquant® Prove 100: (1.73016.0001) For routine applications - wastewater
  • Spectroquant® Prove 300: (1.73017.0001) For sensitive measurements - drinking water & beverages
  • Spectroquant® Prove 600: (1.73018.0001) For complex analyses - process wate

Additional Information

Analytical Quality Assurance from A to Z

Analytical Quality Assurance (AQA) is the practice of ensuring your results are reliable and conform to good laboratory practice (GLP) guidelines.

Spectroquant® AQA Concept - 3 steps to great quality

  1. Photometer check: (OQ) to perform with certified color standards, or Certipur® UV/Vis standards
  2. System Check: (PQ) Recovery measurement using CombiCheck standard solution, certified reference material (CRM) standard solutions, or Certipur® standard solutions
  3. Matrix Check: (PQ) One-time spiking with CombiCheck R-2 solution, or multiple dilution/spiking with certified reference material (CRM) standard solutions or self-prepared solutions

Merck Spectroquant® Move and NOVA photometers

  • Spectroquant® Move 100 is made for rapid, reliable on-site water analysis.
  • Spectroquant® NOVA 60 offers high measurement quality (AQA) with great simplicity.

Merck RQflex® 20 – Accuracy with reflectometry

The new quantitative test strip reader RQflex® 20 supports your process by monitoring chemical parameters on the spot. With the intuitive menu navigation and a pre-selection of samples it enables for faster and traceable decisions on the production process.

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Merck Mquant Visual tests

  • MQuant® Liquid Tests: Chemical testing systems for quick, precise, and portable water testing for high to low parameter concentration ranges using direct readout of color cards, disks, or vessels
  • MQuant® Test Strips: for reliable semi-quantitative determination of ions and other compounds with visual or digital readout
  • MQuant® pH Test Strips and Papers:  Rapid pH measurement with accurate color scales for clear, reliable results suitable for all media including liquids with high turbidity

Merck Ready-to-use Sample Preparation

Simple and effective preparation with Crack Sets and thermoreactors

  • Spectroquant® Crack Sets: We offer a choice of three Crack Sets for determining the total content of different parameters. Each set contains all reagents needed for digestion with the thermoreactor.
  • Spectroquant® thermoreactors: offer 8 pre-installed digestion programs for routine use. A description of digestion procedures is provided in the instruction sheets included with the test kits.