Lab safety

Avantor Laboratory Safety

Avantor offers the brands and products you need – including absorbents, disposal containers, labelling systems and more – to a safe, clean lab for everyone who works there.


Brady is your reliable partner with solutions in lab identification and specimen tracking. Reduce errors and improve efficiency using durable labels and sample management systems you can depend on.

Personal Protection

Personal protection range can help reduce your exposure to workplace hazards. Avantor offers a comprehensive range of head-to-toe personal protection products helping you provide optimal safety, comfort, and durability.

Sample Safety

Sample security is essential components of your most valuable research. At Avantor, our holistic support of scientific endeavor is evidenced in our end-to-end sample management expertise.

Workplace Safety

Everyone is safer when you have a clean, well maintained laboratory. Avantor offers a comprehensive line of chemical handling, storage, facility maintenance and waste management products from the brand you trust. We have everything you need.

Protective Instruments & Equipment

Avantor's equipment range helps optimise scientific operations in labs. With our channel brand, VWR, we customise end-to-end lab equipment procurement and management solutions for customers in biopharma, pharmaceutical, educational and industrial settings

Bench Protection

Protect yourself and your colleagues from chemical and liquid spills with absorbent pads, moisture barriers and other safety products. Take a look at our comprehensive range.


Make sure everyone in your lab is aware of exits, fire extinguishers, first aid kits and hazardous areas with distinctive, easy to read signs from Avantor. See what’s available.

Glass, Waste & Sharps Disposal Boxes

Safely dispose of broken glass, empty vials, used pipettes and other glass products with a variety of waste disposal boxes. See everything Avantor offers to help keep you and your colleagues safe.

Laboratory Label Printers

You can make legible, easy to read labels to clearly identify the contents of all your lab containers. See what we offer.

Laboratory Waste Bins

You can safely dispose of your lab’s biohazard waste and other discard materials with disposable and reusable waste containers. See everything Avantor has to offer.

Spill Control

Our wide range of stationary systems and handheld wiping units can help you keep your laboratory space clean of spilled chemical solutions or run-off. Look at Avantor's general purpose spill control kits or those for specific applications.

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Products and Solutions

Manufacturing personal protection and workwear

Everything you need to help protect yourself and your colleagues while you work in your lab. From protective equipment to high quality workwear, Avantor helps keep you healthy and safe.

Solutions for your workplace during the Covid-19 pandemic

Tapes, signs, wipes and protective screens to keep your workplaces safe during COVID-19.