Laboratory Fridges and Freezers

VWR offers a choice of laboratory fridges and freezers which are safe, reliable and energy efficient.

Laboratory fridges and freezers offer safe and reliable storage of volatile or flammable substances, reagents, chemicals, poisons and samples with spark-free interiors to reduce the risk of internal explosions.

Things to consider when purchasing a fridge or freezer include not only the size or the location it will be situated in, but also how many shelves you require, the door type, which side the door opens and how sophisticated the warning alarm will be. VWR offers a choice of fridges and freezers for all temperatures and capacities, with associated consumables from all major suppliers and our own VWR Collection range.

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Lab grade fridges are important for temperature accuracy and for safety where solvents are used...


All shapes, sizes and temperatures but with safety and accuracy in common...