Inventory Manager


VSR+ is an easy to use Stockroom Manager, providing full managment and transparency on every aspect of your stockroom products.

VSR+ is a web-based warehouse and inventory management system that supports VWR products as well as third-party products from any vendor. VSR+ addresses daily situations such as low visibility of inventory, over or out-of-stock problems for critical products, time intensive ordering and replenishment of stock.

VSR+ is easy to deploy, maintain and can integrate with your current system using in-built configurators allowing you to connect into your environment. VSR+ features an activity-based notification and messaging system which informs users, managers and administrators about pending tasks such as orders, picking requests, shipments and other updates.

VSR+ features include:

  • Barcode supported location management, goods receiving and picking system
  • Suitable for VWR and non-VWR products
  • Picking part pack quantities
  • Billing part packed quantities (VWR products only)
  • Automated order management with
    • Re-order point mechanism
    • Re-order quantities
    • Automated order flows
  • Standard reporting
    • Consumption by cost centre
    • Historical by product
    • Stock movements
    • Inventory counts
    • Stock value


VSR+ enables access to the entire list of products in your stockroom as well as to all products which are available to your organisation on our website, A sophisticated search engine retrieves product details, real-time prices, etc. and lets you create a stockroom article, a direct order or just browse for information.

Electronic replenishment orders utilise a live interface into VWR's ERP accompanied by order confirmations and dispatch advices received by VSR+.

Mobile Support

VSR+ supports a variety of the latest mobile scanning devices

Whatever the scale of your stockroom, a scanning solution from VWR will significantly improve your handling process. VWR offers scanning solutions using high-end mobile devices when real-time connection into the VSR+ database is required and when mobility, cost and size are factors.

Request or consume a product online or monitor and receive incoming shipments; just two of many features available from this high-end scanning solution. You can access and manage stock and transactions online as long as you have a 3G or WiFi connection.

Your Solution Starts Here

We can help you achieve your business goals through the experience we have built up through many years of complex system and process implementations.

At VWR, we believe that our key differentiator is our people who provide extensive process insight. Our team will work with you to get VSR+ tailored to meet your requirements.

To get your solution underway, our team will work with you to document your business objectives and requirements. A needs analysis is then conducted to outline your current inventory management process, and we will develop our recommendations based on your objectives and requirements.

Following agreement on the new solution, our team will create a detailed project plan and coordinate the entire implementation from start to finish.

If you are interested, please contact your Account Manager who will arrange a demonstration and an initial needs analysis for you.