If you are a beginner or an expert, we have put together a range of videos to help you in your daily activities.  

SPE Clean Up Step

Sample preparation has a big effect on your results. Getting it right is key.

Correct Solvent Usage

You put a lot of work into getting the correct column, instrument and conditions for your method. The mobile phase is just as important.

Setting up an HPLC Column in a Column Oven

Installing a column correctly first time can help you avoid time wasting trouble shooting later.

What’s in a Column Box and Why is it Important?

You receive a column in a box and there is a lot of additional information in there, which is important to read before you start using the column.

Column Equilibration

You need to make sure that the column you will be using is equilibrated before the first run. Understanding how and why you do this is important.

Measuring Dwell Volume

If you would like a deeper understanding of how your method will transfer to other HPLC systems, this is an important technical piece of information.

Guard Columns

Making sure that your column is protected from potentially dirty samples can save you time and money.

Mobile Phases Buffer preparation and Shelf Life

Preparing your buffers correctly and giving a clear shelf life will help you to avoid possible time consuming trouble shooting later.