Acros Organics

Acros Organics™ has a portfolio of over 18.000 organic molecules including essential chemicals, functional reagents and organic building blocks. The Acros Organics™ portfolio aims to meet the evolving needs of organic and medicinal chemists in research, development and drug discovery.

AcroSeal™ Packaging for air- and moisture-sensitive solvents and reagents.

Ferrocenes for your organometalic chemistry application.

Drying agents and adsorbants, filter aids, gas adsorbants, indicators, stoppers and septa, etc. Discover Acros' essential lab supplies.

Antibiotics, biochemical reagents, buffers, enzymes and inhibitors for your life science research. 

ACS solvents, semiconductor grade solvents, spectrophotmetric grade solvents, environmental garde solvents, halogenated compounds. Acros's solvents with the specifications you are looking for for your application.

Synthetic chemistry compounds is one of Acros' many specialties. Alkylation, olefination, chelation, coupling, deprotonation, oxidation, reduction, etc. Search by chemical reaction in this category.