Chemical Innovations

VWR Chemicals - more HiperSolv CHROMANORM® LC-MS reagents

LC-MS methods are continually improving to offer better sensitivity to meet today’s demands. New grades (Methanol ULTRA plus), new solvents (n-Hexane and n-Heptane) and many other ready to use' mixes to cover all LC-MS applications.

VWR Chemicals - ion-pair reagent range extension

For HPLC gradient elution, a complete range of ion-pair reagents which exhibit minimal extinction in the low UV region, and excellent transparency down to 200 nm, even at high concentrations.

VWR Chemicals - Brix standard range

A complete range of Brix/refractive index standards produced with high purity raw materials for calibrating all types of refractometers.

VWR Chemicals - Reag. Ph. Eur standard colour solutions in a kit

Complete range of colour standard solutions according to chapters 2 and 4 of the current European Pharmacopoeia. These VWR® kits are ready to use, and are dedicated to help you save time and money.

VWR Chemicals - UV/Vis standard kits for spectrophotometer calibration

A complete range of standards according to European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) to calibrate spectrophotometers on the control of absorbance, resolution power, stray light and wavelength accuracy.

VWR Chemicals - extension of pH buffer solutions in sachet range

Five new pH buffers in practical sachets giving you the right buffer value in your pocket. Ideal for the exact calibration of your pH meters!

VWR Chemicals - sand is not only found on the beach!!

Wide choice of sand to answer the requirements of applications such as filtration, clarification of liquids, an abrasive agent or for oxygen determination.

Denatured ethanol

Two new grades in a large choice of pack sizes to meet the EU Regulation 2017/1112 on the mutual recognition of procedures for the complete denaturing of alcohol.

Karl Fischer reagents for water determination

Volumetric one-component titrating reagents for the determination of water by the Karl Fischer method available in new 2,5 l packs.

Reference materials for Karl fischer method now available

In Karl Fischer, titer determination, calibration, validation and inspection of analytical instruments (according to ISO, GMP, GLP and FDA guidelines) and reagents are performed with a specific amount of water, either pure water or water standards.

LABWASH PREMIUM MA Ultra for manual cleaning

New MA Ultra formulated specially for removing tough stains like blood, oils, proteins, fats and critical residues such as resins, tars, silicones and waxes.f

Hipersolv CHROMANORM LC-MS additives ranged enhanced with new formic acid packs

Additives are selective chemicals that are commonly added to the mobile phase or introduced post column prior to the interface to influence analyte ionisation.