Detergents, Disinfectants, Hand Care

In order to fulfill the requirements of all cleanrooms in terms of disinfection, cleaning and hygiene, basan proposes a wide range of solutions, adapted to each application.

Our products, carefully selected by our trained staff to fit your specific needs, will allow you to improve the efficiency, reliability and reproducibility of your decontamination processes, in compliance with the relevant norms and standards.

To help you comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards, all of our cleanroom detergents and disinfectants feature the following characteristics:

  • Standardized formulations, so you can use the same product in all your European sites
  • Protected formulations, to guarantee you will not need to re-validate the product unless force-majeure cases
  • Manufactured to GMP standards, with full batch traceability
  • The detergents comply with REACH and EC regulation 648/2004
  • The disinfectants are tested against the relevant European Norms for biocidal activity
  • Full technical documentation

Surfaces - sterile

Our disinfectants and detergents are manufactured in strict compliance with GMP standards to meet the exacting requirements for sterile processing facilities.

Surface and CIP - non-sterile

We offer a broad range of non-sterile detergents and disinfectants for surfaces in cleanrooms and for Cleaning-In-Place systems CIP.

For skin and hands

Different brands of hand-washing /disinfection products as well as skin care products for a better hygiene, tackles cross-contamination and reduction of health issues.