New Biorepository & Archiving capabilities in Europe

A purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility set to open in Frankfurt, Germany in 2020

Best-in-class solutions and infrastructure, providing safe and secure critical research asset management that scientists can trust.

For over 40 years, Avantor Clinical Services has taken meticulous care of sample and research assets.

This same care and approach to asset management and storage is mirrored in our new biorepository and archiving facility.

Strategically located close to Frankfurt's airport, it enables rapid and reliable access to research assets at all times, adding to our extensive global footprint.

With state-of-the-art systems and flexible infrastructure, our Frankfurt facility provides a controlled and monitored environment that can be customized to meet your biorepository and archiving needs.

Over our four decades of activity, we have stored over 100 million samples and never failed to return one.

We don't just store, we take care.

. Infrastructure & systems

  • Purpose-built, single occupancy facility
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Advanced security systems, back-up and full redundancy
  • Oxygen reduction fire prevention system
  • Sustainability - DGNB Gold Award, energy - ENEB certificated
  • Proprietary material management system: realtime, multi-site visibility
  • Complete traceability of samples

. Strategic location

  • 13 km from Frankfurt airport
  • Direct service to 90+ major European cities, 300+ global destinations
  • Access to 25+ European cargo destinations
  • 24 hours samples return

. Equipment & environment

  • Storage range: -196°C to +21°C
  • -80°C freezers
  • -196°C vapor phase LN² tanks
  • +5°C and 21°C walk-in fridges and freezers
  • Controlled room temperature and humidity

. Flexible storage

  • 4 000 m² lab & warehouse space
  • 8 400 m3 CRT storage (temperature and humidity-controlled)
  • 85 000 m² available globally (3 million cubic ft.), allowing for risk mitigation through multi-facility storage

. Compliance

  • GLP-certified, IATA-trained staff
  • GxP compliance
  • Nonclinical archiving – GLP
  • Clinical biorepository - GCP


To learn more about our Frankfurt facility, you can download the documents below:

Frankfurt B&A facility – Flyer

Frankfurt B&A facility – Fact sheet


If you need help in developing customized solutions addressing your biorepository and archiving challenges, e-mail us at . We are here to help.