Chemical hazards


When working with a broad spectrum of chemicals, lab researchers need to know that their hands are safe from skin burns, irritations and other adverse health affects from chemical exposure. Chemical splash is the most commonly occuring hazard or incident in a laboratory, leading to worker injury and lost productivity. Ansell’s broad range of disposable gloves provide targeted hand protection against a wide range of hazardous chemicals, for a higher degree of confidence in a safer work environment.

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Microflex 73-847


Ideal for handling wet glassware, this neoprene glove provides excellent dry and wet grip. It is ergonomically certified, reducing hand fatigue as well as minimizing the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders.



Microflex 93-260




The thinnest chemical resistant disposable glove. Ideally suited when researchers face an increased risk of exposure to harmful chemicals, but still need the tactility and dexterity of a chemical glove.


Microflex 93-856



This durable, high visibility orange glove provides broad resistance against solvents with an extended cuff for added forearm protection.


Microflex 93-853



Robust chemical splash protection with extended cuff for the most demanding environments.                         


Microflex 93-852



The distinctive colour hides stains or provides a contrasting backdrop for identifying lighter coloured materials. The non-foaming material provides a confident grip, even in wet environments. 


Microflex 93-850



Disposable, nitrile glove with AQL 0,4 - the highest known standard for barrier quality and consistency. This ultimate barrier significantly reduces the risk of harmful exposures and rip-tear.

Educational Assets


Chemical Permeation Table of gloves tested against common lab chemicals

Chemical Exposure in Labs – Technical Paper

Smart selection of hand protection in labs – White Paper

Microflex 73-847
Disposable Neoprene Glove with ERGOFORM Technology
Microflex 93-260
Resistant disposable glove
Microflex 93-856
High Visibility Disposable Nitrile Glove
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