Analysis for microbiological testing

In microbiological testing, after the cultivation step, you are ready to identify the microorganisms in the sample. See our range of standard analyses or rapid tests.

Microbial Identification

From simple manual techniques, such as Petri film and test kits for fast identification, to microscopes and automatic colony counters; everything for the microbiological analysis of your sample.

Sequencing-based microbial idenfication and characterisation

Identify and fully characterise microorganisms from culture or mixed metagenomic samples in minutes with affordable, real-time nanopore sequencing.

Rapid tests

When time matters. Monitoring microorganisms and pathogens in clinical diagnostics, or doing QC in food and beverage production – getting reliable, unambiguous data in shortest time possible is of greatest importance. Applying sophisticated molecular biology and biochemical techniques will help you to succeed.